Highlights of the Cordillera Blanca. The highest tropical mountain range in the world, the Cordillera Blanca is part of the spectacular Andes that form the spine of South America. A mecca for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the region boasts over 50 peaks that exceed 15,000 feet, 700 glaciers and 300 lakes.

Trekking in Olleros to Chavin: From the Olleros to Chavín district one of the best routes for Trekking in Ancash is undertaken. The road gives us a bit of history and culture that surrounds this town. The landscapes are unique and diverse, which you can not miss.

The town of Chavín de Huantar is rich in history, legends and customs. It is located in the district of the same name, province of Huari, in the department of Ancash. The final destination for this new adventure is the archeological monument of Chavín de Huantar. Throughout the journey we will reach a maximum height of 4 700 m.s.n.m.

This trekking is a way to know and appreciate the famous city of Chavín de Huantar, without a doubt, to reach it by walking does not require too much difficulty, since it can be done in three days after passing the highest place called Yanashayash, we will ascend to the complex archaeological. The trekking can be organized with acomilas or with the so-called llama-trek, which consists of walking, accompanied by llamas and donkeys that transport our luggage to the archaeological complex.

The route from Olleros to Chavín de Huantar: We start from the city of Huaraz and take a bus to the south of the city, until we reach the Olleros district. The road is about 23 km and takes only half an hour to travel. There we are at an approximate height of 3 420 m.s. Then we arrive to the town of Canrey Chico, where the trekking begins. After three hours of walking we reached the town of Sacracancha, at about 4 080 m.s.n.m. It is advisable to build the first camping tent there.

The next day we set out on the road until we reach Yanashalla, at around 4,700 meters above sea level, from there the road goes in a zig-zag way until we reach the town of Shongopampa. Once there we will have caught the night and it is time to form the second camping tent.

Already for the third day and about 4 088 We left Chavín without further delay, the descent is to Shongo and after four hours we arrived at the Archaeological Monument of Chavín, located at about 3 150 m.s.n.m.

The weather in Chavin de Huantar: In general, the climate in the province of Huari is temperate, semi-tropical Andean. The maximum temperature during the day is 25 ° C and 12 ° C during the night, clear skies presenting beautiful starry nights. The best time to visit Chavín is between the months of May to September.
From October to April is the rainy season, so it is not advisable to go during these dates. The temperature drops to 0 ° in winter.

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