Peaks: Pumarinri 5,465 m and Diablo Mudo – 5,229 m
Grade: Both peaks are non-technical, but physically demanding.

The Huayhuash Circuit is a world-renowned trekking route through a remote and rugged terrain and home to some of Peru’s most spectacular snow-capped peaks. Each day on the trail you will be surrounded by epic, close-up views of glaciated mountains, including Peru’s second tallest peak, Yerupaja Grande (6,634 masl). You will also descend into wild, pristine valleys where you’ll be surrounded by Andean wildlife and camp next to turquoise glacial lakes. Our 15-day trek option features a visit to the Siula Grande Basecamp, made famous by a pioneer mountaineering expedition that inspired the novel and feature film, “Touching the Void”.

Previous climbing experience is not required as our team will provide comprehensive instruction and support. However, the climbing days are physically demanding, and you need to be in appropriate physical condition before attempting an ascent. The climbs are optional. Participants not wishing to climb continue trekking on the normal path to the next campsite.

Huayhuash Circuit Trek: The Huayhuash trek route involves a circular route of 120 km around the mighty Huayhuash mountain range with several peaks above 6,000 m. The highest point in the trek, Yerupajá (6,617 m), is the second highest mountain in Peru, while another peak, Siula Grande (6,344 m), achieved notoriety as the setting for Joe Simson’s gruelling ordeal in his book Touching the Void. The Huayhuash Circuit trekking trails are less visited than the popular trekking trails of Cordillera Blanca, but the Huayhuash mountain range offers a challenging trek in a remote and sparsely inhabited part of the Andes where few trekkers venture.

Overview: Huayhuash Circuit trek around the Cordillera Huayhuash takes around 10 or 11 days to complete. There are several possible routes and the circuit can be tackled in either direction, but all Huayhuash Circuit treks include the same major features. As the trek progresses, participants need to dig deep into their reserves of endurance to conquer numerous high passes but are rewarded by the sight of magnificent, remote mountain vistas, including views of Yerupajá and Siula Grande, along the way. This is one of the toughest treks out of Huaraz that requires no technical mountaineering skills but the exquisite scenery along the way sets it apart from other challenging treks in Peru. The knowledge of having conquered such a demanding trek is ample recompense for the exertion required to reach the end.
Many guiding books: They say that Huayhuash trekking is the most beautiful in all of America (and the second best trekking in the world).

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