Climbing Nevado Pisco & Yanapaccha (05 Days)

Nevado Pisco lies in Cordillera Blanca and forms a part of a mountain range called Macizo de Huandoy. It lies in the central part of Cordillera Blanca, in Yunghay province. It became a popular mountain due to its spectacular views and an easy approach. The normal western route is ideal for acclimatization and many mountaineers use it as a finish of their trek or as a beginning to acclimate before climbing technically more challenging mountains.

Nevado Yanapaccha is located in the Central Andes of South America, in the Cordillera Blanca range and Huascaran National Park. This mountain can be climbed all year round, and is a good place for climbing and rescue courses due to the amount of crevices and climbing walls. Its name comes from Yana, which means black and Paccha, which means waterfall. Its full name would mean Waterfall in a black mountain.

Podemos ofrecerle diferentes caminatas.
• Para nosotros ALPAMAYO TRAVEL PERU es muy importante su aclimatacion y recomendamos realizar un dia de aclimatacion por lo tanto incluimos cualquier tours de aclimatacion gratis.
• Aclimatación lago churup
• Aclimatación lago paron
• aclimatación lago claciar pastoruri
• Aclimatación lago wilcacocha
• Aclimatación Laguna 69
• Huaraz – Aclimatación lago Churup recomendado
Esta es una muy buena caminata para aclimatarse. Desde Huaraz nos dirigimos en carro hasta el pueblo de Pitec. En el camino pasamos por varios pueblos pintorescos, como Unchus y Llupa. A 3850 m / 12,631 pies comenzamos nuestra caminata fácil hasta el lago Churup con sus colores azules sentados a una altitud de 4440 m / 14,566 pies sobre rocas escarpadas. Y luego regresamos a Huaraz por el mismo camino.


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