Highlights of the Cordillera Blanca. The highest tropical mountain range in the world, the Cordillera Blanca is part of the spectacular Andes that form the spine of South America. A mecca for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the region boasts over 50 peaks that exceed 15,000 feet, 700 glaciers and 300 lakes.

Trekking to Laguna Paron: The Laguna Paron (4200 m), 25km east of Caraz, is surrounded by spectacular snow-covered peaks, of which Pirámide de Garcilaso (5885 m), at the end of the lake, looks particularly brilliant. The challenging rock-climbing wall of Torre de Parón, known as the Sphinx , is also found here. The road to the lake goes through a canyon with 1000m-high granite walls – this drive is as spectacular as the better-known Llanganuco trip.

Laguna Paron: Fit and acclimatized hikers can trek to the lake in one long day. If you go on your own, be aware that you cannot circumnavigate the lake. The north shore is fine, but there is a very dangerous section on the south shore that is impassable due to potential falls up to 100m where the trail briefly disappears in favor of an unmarked section where slippery vegetation grows flush against the mountain surface. Two foreigners have attempted.

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