Quebrada Llanganuco: It is part of the Huascaran National Park and Biosphere Reserve of Huascaran. Llanganuco Lagoon (which is actually two lakes: the Chinancoha or female or male Orcococha lagoon and lagoon) arises from the melting of snow Ancash most emblematic: the Huascarán and Huandoy. The first lagoon, Chinancocha is 1,450 meters long, 7,393 meters wide and 28 meters from the shores of Chinancocha profundidad.En can be seen queñual trees and cattails and wild ducks. It is the most popular lake and visited by tourists. The second gap, Orcococha, is located at the end of the valley. and it has 910 meters long, 368 meters wide and seven meters deep. Its waters, as well as the Chinancocha, run along the river Ranrahirca to finally join the river Santa.En this second gap can be seen in the patossilvestres as much of the area.

La Quebrada Llanganuco: is a gorge high mountain, 1 glacial formed by the linked doslagunas: Orconcocha and Chinancocha, flanked by snowy mountains Huascaran, Huandoy, Pisco, Chacraraju, Yanapaccha and Chopicallqui (Cordillera Blanca), the path of Maria Josefa and Quebrada demand, part of the Huascaran National Park and biosphere Reserve of Huascaran, located in the Province of Yungay Ancash in Peru.

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