Highlights of the Cordillera Blanca. The highest tropical mountain range in the world, the Cordillera Blanca is part of the spectacular Andes that form the spine of South America. A mecca for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the region boasts over 50 peaks that exceed 15,000 feet, 700 glaciers and 300 lakes.

Nevado Pastoruri: Located south of Huaraz in the city of Pachacoto in the Huascaran National Park. the cities of Recuay, Ticapampa and Cátac is roamed, then the lagoon Patococha be visited, carbonated waters Pumapampa, water seven colors of Pumapashimin, the famous Andean Puya Raimondi plant, cave paintings and finally the snowy Pastoruri where snow sports practiced. The Pastoruri snow, for many, a natural space tourist attraction with snow, in recent years experienced a decrease in flow of visitors due to the significant decline of its glacier mass, above ideal for practices adventure sport and recreation. Pastoruri: Route Climate Change in the Sector-Region Carpa Huascaran National Park Áncash therefore the need to solve that problem with the conditioning project Tourist Circuit is generated. That level of pre-investment study was approved and declared feasible on 17 September 2010 and civil works culminated in June this year.

This initiative is the result of a joint effort between the Department of Protected Natural Areas by the State (Sernanp), the Ministry of Tourism through the Copesco Plan, the District Municipality of Cátac and the Rural Community of Cáta

The renewed route is the new tourist proposal presented in a protected area, with fossilized remains of flora and fauna that inhabited for thousands or perhaps millions of years, and today blend perfectly with the environmental services provided by the Park national Huascaran, including its hydrological potential, generating quantity and quality of water in the area.

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