A truly unique experience cycling through the most beautiful roads, lakes and peaks of Perú. Situated at 3,400 meters above sea level, the Trans-Cordillera Blanca Huascaran Circuit winds through numerous local pueblos, climbs across mountain passes, and features some of the most breathtaking, panoramic scenery in Perú.

Traveling over dirt and paved roads, riders can explore an abandoned mine and get up close and personal with glaciers and towering walls of sheer ice. This trip is not for the faint of heart as a series of climbs and descents, elongated curves, and switchback climbing trails make for some serious physical challenges.

This is mountain biking at its finest through some of the most impressive mountain scenery in the world. Over the course of 5 days, you’ll bike various challenging trails through the mountains and even have time for a hike to the magnificent Laguna Churup, a stunningly blue lake in Huascaran National Park.

The journey begins with Eucalyptus forests and pre-Incan ruins await you on the first day of your mountain biking expedition. Not to mention, you can rest your sore muscles at the Monterrey hot springs, a delight for any mountain biker. You’ll complete acclimatization rides to ensure you adjust to the high altitude appropriately before embarking on longer rides.

To make the expedition more comfortable, riders will be followed by transport to ensure safety, transport camping gear and provide meal preparation.

Customized options are available, including fully-inclusive travel itineraries, expedition services only, independent expedition support, and/or simply hiring a leading guide.

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